Saturday, January 11, 2014

It's a Palm Tree Life: #Nighttime #Palm Tree #Photography with #Hipstamatic

Lens: John S, Flash: Off, Film: Kodot Grizzled

Lens: Buckhorst HI, Flash: OFF, Film: DC

Lens: Loftus, Flash: OFF, Film: US1776

Lens: Buckhorst HI, Flash: OFF, Film: C-Type Plate

Lens: Tinto 1848, Flash: OFF, Film: Kodot Grizzled

Lens: Jane, Flash: OFF, Film: D-Type Plate

Lens: Tinto 1848, Flash: OFF, Film: Ina's 1969

Lens: Susie, Flash: OFF, Film: Kodot Grizzled

Lens: Jimmy, Flash: OFF, Film: Blanko

Lens: John S, Flash: OFF, Film: C-Type Plate
This was a study on shooting night time photos with the Hipstamatic App for iPhone. Each shot was done using the randomizer function to produce different effects while shooting the same palm tree. 

Equipment Used: iPhone 4s
App Used: Hipstamatic
Date: January 11th, 2014
By: Nadia M. Perez
Location: St. Armand's Circle, Sarasota, Florida

Monday, January 6, 2014

Adorable Critter Alert: Spotted Oleander Moth

While on my morning walk, nestled on an oleander plant in the foggy mist, I found this Spotted Oleander Moth caterpilar (Emperyuma affinis). It looks spectacular with the dew drops on it! Thanks to My Florida Backyard whose blog post helped me identify this cutie!

Photos by: Nadia M. Perez
Equipment Used: iPhone 4s
Date: January 6th, 2014
Location: Bradenton, Florida, USA

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Nature's City Dwellers

Where nature meets city! Pigeons set atop a sun shelter in the small park surround the Green Bridge Fishing Pier in Palmetto, FL.

Photo taken by: Nadia M. Perez
Equipment used: iPhone 4s
Edited with Picmonkey

Saturday, January 4, 2014

A female peacock, more properly known as a pea-hen (Pavo cristatus),and what I presume to be one of her young, also female, take a meandering walk amongst the leaf litter, on Brownsea Island, a National Trust nature reserve, located in the middle of Poole Harbour, in Dorset.

Inspiration in Rock Formations

Views from the end of Coquina Beach in Anna Maria Island, Florida. Series of three, Perspectives (viewing Beer Can Beach through the rocks), Just Breathe (looking over the rocks), and Go the Distance (pier wood and rocks at the end of Coquina). 

Photos taken by: Nadia Marie Perez
Date: November 2013
Equipment: iPhone 4s
Edited using Afterlight

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Field Trip: The Mable Ringling Rose Garden in Sarasota, Florida

A couple of days before Christmas I went to see the new gallery offerings at the John and Mable Ringing Museum of Art in Sarasota, Florida during a Monday when they have what they call 'legacy days' which are days in which the Art Museum is open to the public, free of admission. One of my stops on the grounds of the museum was Mable Ringling's spectacular rose garden. After 100 years the garden is still beautiful and fragrant. You can start wafting the scent of these gorgeous blooms from the moment you get to the row of statues guarding the entry lane into the colorful garden.

The garden was completed in 1913 and is located near the Mary Louise and Charles N. Thompson residence. There are over 317 varieties of roses in the garden, containing over 1,164 roses. Here are a few photos I snapped while there.

The statues that lead up to the garden are known as the courting couples and seem an interesting mixture of Venetian depictions. The Banyan trees make for a beautiful backdrop. The vibrant colors and sweet smelling fragrance of the roses is enough to make anyone melt and want to spend each day there. No wonder this garden was so important to Mable. Any of our readers ever been here? I'm curious to know how many of you have ever visited this place in Sarasota before.

Photos taken by: Nadia Marie Perez
Date: December 23rd, 2013
Equipment: Nikon D3100
Edited using Picmonkey


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