Monday, July 29, 2013

Caught snacking on hibiscus...

I saw this little guy while walking back home from taking my mother some lunch at her place of work. I went to take a photo of the hibiscus flower and found him or her chewing on it. Beautiful and clear markings, this grasshopper is a Schistocerca obscura or obscure bird grasshopper. Many of the grasshoppers of this genus swarm as locusts.

*Photographer's Field Notes*
Photo taken with iPhone 4s
Location: Bradenton, FL

Date: 29th July 2013
Edited with Picmonkey

See more photos of this genus of grasshopper at this site:

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Lady in red...

Hibiscus rosa-sinensis
Bradenton, FL. July 2013
This particular flower has much significance in the Asian world. It is both the national flower of Malaysia and the flower of the Hindu Goddess Kali. The tea made from the hibiscus flower is a natural diuretic and contains Vitamin C and minerals, often used medicinally.

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Those Which Lurk

A rose (variety as yet unidentified)in Langmoor Gardens,Lyme Regis again, with Rose-Chafers's(Cetonia aurata),head first, amongst the petals.Rose Chafers are scarabeid beetles, and as such, belong to the same family of beetles as the Egyptian Dung Beetle, and the impressive sounding  Hercules and Goliath beetles.
Incidentally, the Rose Chafer was the 'star' of a moment of  a recorded synchronic event, that occurred to the psychologist,Carl Jung, as noted in his book 'Synchronicity'.He was treating a female patient, who was describing a dream featuring a gift being made, of a golden scarab, when at that same time, a Rose Chafer appeared at Jung's window,and appeared insistent on tapping against it!


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