Saturday, October 12, 2013

A 'Tiger' Near The Sea...

Out for an early morning walk in August, I happened across this day-flying moth,just with the periphery of my vision at first, because of it's striking markings, nestling in a hedgerow, in a country lane,minutes from the centre of  the seaside town of Charmouth, in West Dorset,which turned out to be a Jersey Tiger moth (Euplagia quadripunctaria). 


I believe this photo features the male of the species of Dragonfly:  Libellula depressa, or,as it's more commonly known, the Broad-Bodied Chaser.

Lack of experience with my camera only produced this 'average' looking shot - although, to be honest, after at least three quarters of an hour tracking a pair of these incredibly swift flying insects,around the edge of a local body of brackish water, I was relieved to capture anything at all?! So an impressionistic image is what I settled for, this time around!!       


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