Sunday, November 10, 2013


A female tortoiseshell butterfly,Aglais urticae,with the shot taken from 'head-on', ,takes time to sup on the nectar of a clematis (Clemitas Viticella? varigar 'Avant-Garde'), on our way to have lunch ourselves, at Mangerton Mill, nestled  in West Dorset.

'New Rays From An Ancient Sun'

I was in danger of making this blog solely about wildlife, so I'd best not overlook my surroundings either! So, a shot of the sea,right on England's south west coast, in Lyme Regis,Dorset, looking exceptionally clear and very tempting for a swim (- so it was a shame I'd forgotten my swimming shorts?! :D )

....Oh, and the title is actually the sub-titled part of  a Joe Satriani song - 'Day At The Beach', which seemed apt :) :)  


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